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Dive Into the New Age of Accelerated Data Services

Our Services

Annotation Services for AI/ML

Global enterprises are increasingly integrating self-learning AI/ML models into their ecosystems to vastly improve operational efficiency, augment human capability, and positively impact the lives of customers and end-users. High volumes of meaningful data are required to ‘train’ the model through a repetitive and time-consuming annotation and labelling process.


We are here to offer annotation service in image, text, audio, video and sensor data.

  • Dedicated and trained annotator pool

  • Pool of ready-to-deploy annotators

  • Greater accuracy through robust QA framework

  • Agility to switch between a wide variety of third-party and client proprietary annotation platforms

Customer Data Services

Inclusys offers superlative experience in terms of Engagement level transformation. We provide next generation data services through a combination of Technological and Process Innovation for transforming your business landscape digitally. We provide data entry services for our customers. We help clients renew themselves while also creating new avenues to generate value. Businesses can bank on us to provide strategies, processes, requirements and proven expertise in the digital operations ecosystem. 

  • Cost effective commercial model

  • Divergent Thinking, Company growth and incredible opportunity.

  • Tapping unique Neurodivergent skill sets - Open, Direct, Transparent, Attention to Detail, Perfectionist, Pattern Recognition, Hyper-focus, Comfort with Repetitive Tasks

We Integrate With Your Turbocharged Ecosystem

Our portfolio provides an end-to-end solution for Data Management Services, covering Advisory, Data Quality Management, and Digital Transformation with continuous operations support. With our digital technology partners, we ensure that Inclusys delivers maximum benefits to our clients by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of enterprise operations.

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