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Inclusion matters with togetherness

The word ‘differently abled’ and the awareness around it has been rising. The differently abled community (ADHD,  Autism,  Dyslexia,  Dyscalculia,  Cerebral  Palsy,  Down  Syndrome and other neurodevelopmental conditions) represents a population of people who diverge from the typical way in which information is processed and exhibited. Though familiar with the term, differently abled people are still overlooked and there is a major awareness gap in the society about their needs, challenges, hopes and dreams.details or information that you want to share with your visitors.

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Inclusys Campaign

Inclusys along with our partners have pledged to create awareness across India for skilling, entrepreneurship, technology and empowerment for the differently abled individuals. As a first step, we are conducting an Ideathon event for the beneficiaries (parents/siblings and others) of differently abled and students/professionals across institutions in Kerala. As part of the awareness campaign, it is expected that this will create an opportunity for the abled society to deep dive and explore the lives of their atypical counterparts. For the differently abled community, this will act as a platform to express their dreams and hopes about their future and propose ideas that would be helping them to empower their life and be more independent. Let us join hands for better world.

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Inclusion Matters with Togetherness

Skilling initiatives across India for differently abled citizens on digital technologies and empowering them with IEEE, Inclusys, ICT Academy, Kerala Knowledge Economy Mission (KKEM)

Inclusys Ideathon

The Inclusys campaign has started with a Ideathon for creating opportunities for the differently abled community. Download the results by clicking the below button

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